When you’re in the market for home audio installation services in the Frisco CA area, ideally you want to work with the best. HOMETEKMEDIA is located in nearby Frisco square and offers not only experienced and professional audio technicians for home installation, we also offer top-of-the-line equipment and all the accessories you need, including wireless speakers and a home theater receiver.

There have been great advancements in audio and video technology over the past ten years. You can do a lot with a handheld video camera or even your smartphone. However, these don’t come close to the quality you’ll get when you hire a professional audio/video service. At HOMETEKMEDIA, we can create an amazing experience through sound, lighting, and video. Our technicians have served the Frisco area for years and understand the very latest tools, programs, and techniques in the AV industry.

Sound is the sense that can breathe life into a memory. Capture crystal clear audio in every room of your house and create new experiences to experience with your family or guests. From your kitchen during a dining party, your back patio during an evening by the pool, or in your living room during a fun family gathering, make whole house audio the home addition that makes lasting memories out of daily moments.

HOMETEKMEDIA offers both wired and wireless systems according to your personal preference and room configuration.

 At HOMETEKMEDIA, we’ve made it our business to compile the highest quality audiovisual equipment and accessories available in the state. In our catalog, you’ll find speakers and home theater equipment for every space and every budget, whether you’re looking to equip every room in your home with wireless speakers or you’d like to create a dedicated home cinema.


Our professional installers will go over your options and show you examples of our setups in our showroom, and then they’ll visit your home for a walkthrough in preparation for their home audio installation services, available anywhere in Frisco. During the walkthrough, they’ll be able to determine which setup will work best for your space and what additions you’ll need, such as acoustic material for your walls or a home theater receiver for your space. We work with a variety of trusted brands including Sonos, Apple, Blue Sound, REL, Samsung, Yamaha, and much more.

Having your home fitted for sound can bring you a great deal of joy, both personally and as a host or hostess. The ability to play what you want, when you want, where you want is a powerful thing, potentially giving every family member control over the music in their own domain or determining the flow of a party. You may want to play quiet jazz during dinner and then turn up the energy for after-dinner drinks. Whatever, you choose, we’ll help make it happen!

Contact HOMETEKMEDIA today at (469) 610-0272 to discuss your options for home audio installation services in the Frisco area. We look forward to hearing from you!




Our goal is to provide you the service, the entertainment, the technology, and most importantly, the controls to allow you to easily enjoy your living environment to the utmost.